Product Discount Program

Great News! All our returning customers are eligable to Product Discount Program.

How the program works?

  1. Login to My Account and switch to My Product Reviews tab to see all products you ordered and received. Alternatively you can open an order which was shipped at least 3 days ago or earlier. We hope you already received your order.
  2. Click on Rate Product in the list of products you ordered.
  3. Rate the product 1 to 5 stars and write a short review.
  4. Submit your review.
  5. Your discount period starts immediately and lasts for 90 days. No boring Coupon codes which you forget in the next 5 minutes. Our smart system keeps your account safely and applies discounts you earn to your and only your orders.
  6. The discount applies only to products you rated and reviewed. Customers can only review products they own.
  7. Your review along with your first name will be visible to all visitors on the product page.
  8. Every time a visitor "likes" your review your discount period extends by one day.
    (This is confidential, almost classified information so share it with your best friends only.)
  9. You can see all reviewed and rated products on Customer Choice page.

We hope this information is useful to you.