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Simple Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Happy Halloween from Mardi Gras Supplies!

It's wreath season! Whether it's an Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year or Mardi Gras wreath, there's plenty of materials here at Mardi Gras Supplies. Lowest Prices On The Coast!

This is a tutorial for a simple Halloween wreath that needs few supplies. Feel free to add as many decorations as you desire to your wreath!

Halloween Wreath


Things you'll need:

Things you need

Step By Step

First step

Step 1) Fold purple mesh over 3 times and tie to "corner" of wreath on the bottom ring to secure mesh. If you don't prefer this method, secure mesh with the tinsel wire attached to the wreath form by wrapping wire around the mesh and the bottom ring.

Second step

Step 2) Bunch mesh up to make a poof. Make poofs as big as desired but make sure you're satisfied with them because it's difficult to manipulate them once secured.

Third step - secure poofs
Third step - leave gaps between poofs

Step 3) After securing the first poof, secure poofs all around the bottom ring of the wreath form. Leave a 2 inch gap between poofs.

Fourth step

Step 4) Repeat step 3 on the top ring of wreath form.

Fifth step - Add black mesh

Step 5) Repeat the whole process but with the black mesh. The black mesh poofs should go where the 2 inch gaps are.

Step 6) Attach mask to upper center of wreath by tying the mask's ribbons around the middle ring of wreath. You're done!

Halloween Wreath

Add your own flair to your wreath with customized decorations!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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