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Throw a Mardi Gras Holiday Party | Mardi Gras Supplies

Get Into the Mardi Gras Spirit for Your Holiday Festivities

It often seems that everyone's family and friends are throwing their own holiday party. Why not jazz your boring holiday party up with a special theme? At the end of the year, themed holiday parties can give everyone the opportunity to have a fun get together without feeling repetitive, and there are few themes as fun as a Mardi Gras party.

Provide Your Guests With Masks

Some affordable Mardi Gras masks are an excellent way to add to the theme of your party. Start by handing out masks at the door, and incorporate them into a secret Santa activity. You can purchase some small tokens that guests can gift, or ask everyone to bring a silly gift and turn it into a white elephant secret Santa, in which gift givers try to avoid a specific undesirable object.

Incorporating Mardi Gras trinkets into your gift exchange provides some fun and entertainment while still incorporating the holidays.

Make Some Mardi Gras Cocktails

November and December are the months for cider, mulled wine, and other holiday-spirit drinks. But you can change it up by making some Mardi Gras-inspired cocktails, which will be perfect for both the theme and the general holiday festivities.

Look for punches and other similar recipes that can be mixed up in large batches and served to large volumes of guests. You could even consider letting guests customize their own drinks with a festive fruit and juice bar as well.

Get the Decor Just Right

Why not incorporate Mardi Gras into your holiday tree? Gather up all of the yellow and purple Mardi Gras beads, streamers, and other trinkets to use as ornaments for your evergreen.

If you don't want a holiday tree, you can simply place brightly colored streamers and beads throughout your home or the venue. As long as you capture the spirit, anything can be Mardi Gras. Paper streamers are especially effective at making an area festive, and they are both affordable and easy to put up.

Make a Mardi Gras Play List

Music is what really defines a Mardi Gras party, so before the party starts, you can create a Mardi Gras playlist. And since it’s also the holidays, don’t forget to add some upbeat holiday songs in there as well. For some extra fun, you can set up a laptop somewhere in your party area so that guests can flip through the songs in the playlist and queue up their favorites, or you could hire a DJ to take requests.

Take Some Fun Pictures

As your guests come in and don their Mardi Gras masks, don't forget to take some pictures of them in their costume and beads. Many smartphones can also insert filters, such as Mardi Gras frames, so you can appropriately capture the spirit of your party. Share the pictures on social media with those who couldn't attend — and maybe they'll get some ideas for their own holiday parties.

Don't Forget the Grab Bags

As your guests are leaving, don't forget to give them some bags to remember the night by. You can let them take home their masks and give them bags full of beads or other Mardi Gras trinkets. Not only can they use these in celebration of the actual Mardi Gras, but they can also keep them as memorabilia. Some brightly colored, wrapped candies are another great way to end a fantastic night.

Of course, it doesn't have to be the holidays or Mardi Gras to enjoy a fun, Mardi Gras party. Use the ideas above, as well as the tips from our previous post, to create Mardi Gras any day of the year — and bring your family and friends together for a fun and worry-free night.

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