How to ship your order directly to a hotel you book

Coming to New Orleans or any other place on Gulf Coast for Mardi Gras?
No need to ship your items long distances. Save money by having us ship your Mardi Gras items and supplies DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOTEL ROOM.

Step 1 - Contact the hotel to see what requirements they might have on receiving packages for future guests
  • Make sure that you understand how many days prior to your arrival that they will store and hold packages for you.
  • Consider number of packages and weight - Some hotels may have restrictions on both
Step 2 - Ask them how the UPS Shipping label must be addressed
In most cases the following will be acceptable: During the checkout process you will find the following fields.
  • Company Name - Enter the hotel name
  • First Name/ Last Name - Enter your name - Note: Some hotels have specific information they may need to see. Such as room numbers or ATTN.
  • The remainder of the fields will be the hotel's street address, city, state, and zip.
  • If you need to provide more information you will be able to add any additional Special Instructions during the Payment portion of the checkout process.
Step 3 - Enjoy your stay.