Make a statement with a pair of 96 inch Mardi Gras beads. They'll hang about 4 feet.


Make a statement with a pair of 96 inch beads.  They'll hang about 4 feet.  It doesn't get any bigger than this!
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Mardi Gras parades are full of colors but three colors, Purple, Green, and Gold are the main. By tradition, they represent Justice, Faith, and Power. Some Mardi Gras krewes add their own team colors to the Carnival parade float decor. We see our mission to provide the best beads and Deco Mesh Ribbon in dozens of colors and patterns to all krewes. Our inexpensive plastic beads are popular not only on Fat Tuesday but on any holiday, from Christmas and New Year to St. Patrick's Day and to Independence Day and Halloween. Mardi Gras Supplies is your One-Stop Shop for all your Party Supply Needs.